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User Guide: CropDicomTool

last update: 2011/4/20

  • The idea of the CropDicomTool is to prepare the images for the harris lines tool (HL tool)
  • Each input image for the HL tool has to be in the dicom format and contain one single bone, which is vertically oriented
  • the buttons on the right hand side are used from top to down

(1) open dicom or tiff image

  • black background needed, otherwise 'invert' the image
  • currently only tiff and dicom images can be loaded (other formats upon request Contact)
(1) open fileopening panel

(2) extract bones

  • threshold the input image such that you see your bones in white on the right image
  • calculate the automatic threshold (with button)
  • tune / adjust the calculated threshold with the offset (play with negative or positive small offsets)
  • every bone should be clearly separated from other things, i.e., no connecting white line should be visible between the bones
  • small numbers or box artefacts should also be separated, they can be removed later
(2) thresholded bonesthreshold panel

(3) separate bones

  • one color per bone
  • mark each single bone with a separate color (play with the input field to increase or decrease the number)
  • e.g, by increasing the value (min area size), small numbers or similar things can be removed
(3) labeled bones (one color per bone)labeling panel

(4) save single bones

  • one dcm-file per bone
  • each colored bone is extracted and saved
  • you have to provide a file name for every bone
  • before saving, each image is displayed such that you can give the correct name to it
  • artifacts are also saved, but they can be manually deleted after the saving procedure
  • the bone should be oriented vertically (if this is not the case, it needs to be rotated in another tool, rotation is currently not provided in the CropDicomTool)
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Page last modified on April 20, 2011, at 11:03 AM