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Welcome to the Harris Lines Tool Website

The Harris lines tool has been developed in oder to semi-automatically detect and analyze Harris lines in digital X-ray images of tibiae of large populations. With the contribution of this tool, the authors intended to standardize the error-prone and observer-dependent manual Harris lines detection process. The main benefits from the tool are (a) the semi-automatic detection of Harris lines, (b) the digital measuring of the bones as well as the automated computation of the age-at-formation of each Harris line according to different methods / authors and (c) the generation of a table listing all analyzed data for direct statistical analysis (excel sheet). Furthermore, the reliability of the tool has been tested on radiographs of tibiae of a late Medieval Swiss population (Suter et al., 2008, and Papageorgopoulou et al., 2011). See Publications

  • License: The Harris lines tool is freely available and can be downloaded from this website. The tool is intended for research and evaluation purposes only. You agree to give credit to the original authors (Suter et al., 2008, and Papageorgopoulou et al., 2011) in any work that results from using the Harris lines tool.
  • Note, that currently only DICOM images with one single bone on it can be processed. If you have TIFF images or multiple bones on either a DICOM or a TIFF, use the crop dicom tool to convert and extract single bones.
  • This tool is used only for research purposes and is not intended to be a product for sale. For this reason, there might occur some errors during your first use of the tool since you use the tool with different data samples or in with a different system. Therefore, I ask you to be patient with the tool and report any errors that occur. Report problems by E-Mail and describe as precisely as possible what error message(s) occurred, what actions have been taken before the error occurred, and whether the error is reproducible or not. If possible/necessary attach your sample images you had problems with, too. See Contact
  • Most current update available: 2009 Jun 30. See Download
  • The source code of the originally developed Harris lines tool is now published on Github:
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